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  • E-Commerce Sales Channels
  • ERP
  • Warehouses
  • Payment Gateways
  • Shipping Carriers
  • Call Centers
QI would like to keep my current E-Commerce Provider. Can I use the OMS Platform’s modules to manage my business in conjunction with my current

A For our customers currently satisfied with their current frontend E-Commerce storefront, our Order Management Software's backend platform automatically integrates with some of the world’s foremost online sales channels. Our Order Management Software interface allows customers to keep their existing storefronts, yet gives them additional tools necessary to manage their business, and see orders and inventory live, online, at all times.
QI have an ERP system that would be very complicated to change. What does the OMS Platform offer in terms of accounting?
A Order Management System’s backend and reporting modules provide ERP Integrations with accounting software platforms, such as GreenTree, Mass 500, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, PFW, Quickbooks, and MYOB. This feature allows data to be easily interfaced between the two systems.
QWe operate our own distribution center and have done so since the inception of our brand. Can we use the OMS warehouse management system at our own facilities?
A Absolutely! Generally, clients use Global OMS Fulfillment Centers from a sheer cost perspective as we split our operating costs between many brands and manufacturers. We do understand, however, that it would not be possible to operate OMS Fulfillment Houses in every part of the world.

Also, companies that engage in on-demand processing, or manufacture their own goods, can always implement the OMS WMS into their existing operations. In addition, many of our clients choose to do so because they simply get the peace of mind being near their inventory.

QI have a long standing relationship and a great rapport with my current Payment Gateway. Can OMS work in conjunction with them?
A The OMS Platform works with a number of payment gateway options and has the ability to process orders with multilingual functionality from multiple sales channels. In addition, credit card transactions can be completed in over 50 foreign currencies from various front-end platforms and IVR systems in real time.

OMS is PCI Level 1 Certified, which is the highest level of PCI certification obtainable. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of requirements designed by the major credit card providers (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB) to ensure that ALL companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information through a merchant account maintain all of their information in a PCI approved secure environment.

These compliant companies go through a rigorous process for certification. If your current provider cannot be found on the following list,, they may lack the monies necessary for certification, may not have the skill set to configure and code the certification standards, or simply may not meet the minimum company size requirements for certification.

Payment Gateways
QMy customers are quite picky about the way their products are shipped. Do you work with multiple providers?
Q This is, once again, another situation that is up to the client. Some brands have used the same parcel company as long as they can remember. Other clients have a special arrangement with a freight provider that can best accommodate their needs. Finally, some businesses choose to jump under the OMS freight umbrella in an attempt to receive additional discounts.

Regardless of the cause, OMS works with some of the world’s most reliable small package, air, and truckload shipment options.

Most importantly, the OMS Freight Estimator has been designed specifically to create a comprehensive service that will significantly improve your shipping revenues, while keeping your customers happy.

Shipping Carriers
QI want to keep my call center in-house or outsource it to a very cost-effective company that was recommended to me. Can I still use the OMS Platform?
Q Although OMS offers a start-to-finish, turn-key solution, we understand that all businesses operate differently, and all of our services offerings are a la carte. Customers can pick or choose from options that allow them to keep existing providers in combination with OMS.

OMS has our own in-house call center, as well as an IVR Platform, that will allow customers to place orders over the phone, retrieve their latest order statuses and shipping details, offer optional survey questions over the phone, and have real-time reporting capabilities. We do, however, accommodate third party call centers, all designed to fit your needs.

Call Centers

Order Management Software and MODULES

CRM Module

Manage Your Customers

  • Consolidate your multiple sales channels, along with your Customer, Order, Inventory, and Marketing information all within the OMS Order Management Software Platform.
  • Allow Customer Service Reps to have access to data at their fingertips for keeping in touch with their customers.
  • Search, display, export, update, and reference all customer data within one user interface for CSRs, sales, and marketing teams.

Handle Your Orders

  • View your transactions and order statuses live, online, 24/7, while maintaining your customer’s order history for future up-selling and reporting.
  • Place orders, process drop shipments, and amend existing orders from a single domain or from multiple domains and sales channels via our Order Management Software.
  • Create purchase orders and process Vendor drop ship orders automatically via our Order Management Software.
Manage Orders
Manage Inventory

Monitor Your Inventory

  • Predict estimated depletion dates and set automated reorder points, while keeping up-to-date on current stock levels and inventory in real time.
  • Minimize stock on-hand and eliminate excess storage with the ability to calculate minimum order quantities and thresholds, based on previous order history and current inventory data.

Increase Your Sales

  • Configure Special Offers and E-mail Promotion by using history of sales reports.
  • Create geographic promotions, based on product movement and popularity, down to the SKU level.
  • Manage your Sales Reps, Affiliate Programs, and Referral Tracking, to see where your sales are coming from.
Increase Sales
Ship Your Products

Ship Your Products

  • Generate labels, packing slips, and tracking numbers, while using multi-carrier shipment options to best suit your customer’s needs, all through our Order Management Software.
  • Setup Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) equipped with RF Guns, Picking, Packing and Order Processing, all with real-time inventory features.
  • Manage auto shipments, drop shipments, and create backorder shipment options.

Save Your Money

  • Reduce shipping fees and significantly improve your shipping revenues, while keeping your customers happy.
  • Use our Order Management Software’s automated shipment information to get a list of real-time rates that are instantly returned from major carriers.
  • Access estimated arrival dates easily for both domestic and international shipments.
  • Pass on margins or discounts based on total shipping cost or a flat rate to your end consumer.
save your money
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